Tips For Family And Pet Photography

There are many different types of pet photography, and it can range from anything as simple as holding the pets for a photoshoot to taking them out in the field for some more involved shots. The photographer should consider how his pet may react to the shots.

The Basics

For family and pet photography, it is important to remember that pets need their owners to be involved in all the action. If you are not able to stay with your pets while taking the photos, do not force it. Your pet may become stressed because he thinks that you will not come back if he tries to leave you.

You should also consider the lighting that your pet will be using when being photographed. If you bring a light along with you, make sure that it is the proper type of lighting. With too much direct light, you could cause eye irritation and even blindness, so use the proper exposure time for your pet’s skin.


Take note of any allergies that your particular pet has. Do not pose your pet with an object that your pet may have been allergic to. You may need to take some extra precautions with allergy-prone animals.


It is very important to consider how long your pet will be out of the room before the shot. You should consider everything from the person taking the pictures to the surroundings. Remember that animals are quite territorial, and they may fight against each other to get the best place in the photo. If your pet is too far away from the camera to allow him to be comfortable, do not take the photo.

Working With the Pet

Sometimes, animals can be confused with something else, and they can actually be confusing your subject, which means that the animal’s face might look different than it really is. If this happens, you may want to consult an expert before trying to take a photo of the pet.

Family And Pet Photography

Some photographers believe that you can tell the mood of a pet by watching the way it chews its food. Some pets, especially the dogs, will chew on the edges of the bowl while others prefer to chew around the edge. Many dogs will chew only on one side, so if you observe this in your pet, you may be able to pick up the difference in the way the animal bites.

While photographing your pet, do not forget to take pictures of all of the people that are in the picture. You may need to put your pet up against a wall so that they can look at all of the people in the photo. This is a great way to bring the family and pet photography together, and it can add a different element to the family and pet photography shoot.


If you decide to take pictures of the family with your pet, make sure that all of the children are used to having a pet. Many children have developed a fear of cats, and even dogs and they may react in an uncomfortable manner when posing next to an animal. By practicing with your pet before you begin the photoshoot, you can eliminate any stressful moments that the children may have.

Photography can be a wonderful way to capture memories for a family. Whether you want to capture the moments of your children playing, singing, or just staring at each other, using family and pet photography is a good way to show the world that you love them and how much you appreciate them.

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