Family Portrait Tips

There are a few very basic family photoshoot tips that most everyone should have to produce great pictures. One of the best things about taking family photos is that you are essentially getting multiple shots. While the main focus of family photos is the portrait, it is also important to get some other shots as well. Many people forget about those family members who simply just want to be in the background.

The Basics

The first thing I will share with you is some family portrait tips. The best way to keep all of your family members happy and smiling is to do a clean-up shot for each individual before they start with the rest of the family. This is very important for many reasons. You first, because it helps people remember what they did together last year, and it also helps the rest of the family to focus on the one person who is going to be the focal point.

Second, it will make it easier for you to organize the pictures into the picture frames. To properly focus on one photo, it is important to get everyone focused on the same person. Family portrait photography tips can help you with this as well.

Now, the two people who are asked to be in the background and get in the way of the family portrait should be asked to do the final portrait shot. This is because a background person makes it harder to focus on the individual. Remember, there is only one person that everyone wants to see, so have fun with it.

The Subject

The last family portrait tips you need to know are for family portraits that have a single subject. If your subject is sitting in the background, it is generally best to create a large framed shot. To do this, ask them to stand at the same distance from the camera as you, without being too close or too far away. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that you have to have the subject in front of the camera.

Another option is to have the subject stand behind the object in the back. Using a background is a great way to get the best out of your portrait. This is often an option when the subject will be standing still while the photographer is getting their shots.

Other family portrait tips can be learned. Just use your imagination. You can always ask your spouse if you can be alone in the room.

Background and Foreground

An excellent idea is to get the object in the foreground to be focused on by using your left hand to hold the object. Your right hand can then place the object in the back of the photo, or somewhere else. It’s up to you.

It is also possible to place the background object into the background by using another piece of paper. One of the best things about this is that the subject gets to be right in the middle of the scene and the object gets to sit in the background.


Color is also an important thing to keep in mind. Photos with lots of reds and blues are usually not very eye-catching. They tend to blend into the background as well.

Getting the family together can be tricky if you aren’t paying attention to the amount of red and blue you use. Too much of either can completely cover the picture. Also, try to avoid any large pieces of paper like torn papers, as they will be difficult to work with and make the group look smaller.

The other family portrait tips you should know are simple. They are about making sure everyone is comfortable and happy during the portrait. Good lighting is also a big key to achieving this.

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